Baby rock star – red vs. blue jeans >> Read more …blue vs. red pants

 Baby outfits: The out-of-bed vs. the elegant look >> Read more …

Casual in brown-black and a little bit of gold >> Read more …IMG_7035The statement is what counts >> Read more …DSC_0274

NYE look #2: The trouzer look >> Read more …DSC_0171

NYE look #1: The sequin dress look >> Read more …

Festive feelings in the (h)air >> Read more …DSC_0186

More casual mood // black & red >> Read more …DSC_0488 - Kopie

Casual mood is on >> Read more …IMG_6588 - Kopie

Set your visual highlights >>

Keep casual & enjoy the autumn-like winter day! >> Read more …3 - Kopie

Graduation time! Come on, let’s celebrate it 🙂 >> Read more …IMG_6607

Two Scarves are Better than One >> Read more …

Back to Black >> Read more …IMG_5726

Cool, Comfy & Oversize accompanied by pink details >> Read more …water - Kopie

Stripes, blue ripped jeans and a red bag >> Read more …IMG_4294 - Kopie - Kopie

Clear blue sky and a yellow lemon tree >> Read more …IMG_3261 - Kopie

Summer feelings in red n’ yellow >> Read more …IMG_2757

Casual & sunny day in Berlin >> Read more …IMG_1252 - Kopie

It’s kind of summer in Berlin >> Read more …IMG_2576



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