The statement is what counts

DSC_0274Hi there! What are your first thoughts when you see the first snow-flakes falling? Well, one of my first thoughts is: Will there be enough snow that we have a white winter? Because usually, it is just a little bit of snow which melts away and what is being left is just a grey muddy ground. As you can see from the photos, we were lucky enough to shoot in a white winter setting 🙂 Now, a few words on my outfit combination: you know that I am a big fan of statement necklaces and may I present to you one of my most recent pieces from Revival London.


I used an all-in-black look, so that neither of the other pieces that I was wearing could upstage my necklace.

DSC_0324DSC_0293DSC_0338 DSC_0354

Finally, a recommendation from my side: If you wear a statement necklace, use a ponytail or a hair updo to make the necklace stand out more. And here again I have to thank Ayse K. Photography for my hair, make-up and for the photos ❤

I am looking forward to receiving your comments! Lots of love ❤

I’m wearing:

Shirt– Asos | Trenchcoat – H&M | Skirt – old | Shoes – Esprit | Bag – old | Necklace – Revival London | Ring, Earrings – old

Photos by: Ayse K. Photography

3 thoughts on “The statement is what counts

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