Baby shower – A pre-welcome to the newly born baby

647Personally, I first heard about a baby shower or a baby party in the  Turkish media – when celebrities were gathering to celebrate their soon-to-be-born babies. When I talked about it with my friends, many of them were already familiar with it – and many of them also said that it was a trend in the U.S.

Well, it was quite new to me – and then >boom< my sister got pregnant and we were very soon talking about organizing a baby shower ^^ I guess, usually, a baby shower is organized by the time the soon-to-be-mom is in her seventh month of pregnancy. It is indeed a good opportunity for the soon-to-be-parents to have a get-together with all their friends before the baby arrives.


And we took this opportunity: We ate a lot of good food, we played games, and most importantly we enjoyed the time together. A game that I personally enjoyed a lot was the following: Writing a letter to the baby for its birthday. Each of the guests was assigned a number, in our case from 1 to 13. I was assigned number 2, which means that I needed to write a letter to the baby imagining that it turned two years old. What would I want to say to a 2-year-old in a letter on his birthday? Well, I will keep it for myself 😉 and he will know it in two years, anyways.

Having written the letter, I put it in the envelope, so that the parents can read the letter to the baby on the day he turns 2 years old – I don’t actually know how much he will understand by the time he is two years old ^^ but it is definitely a good memory of the time when we were so excitedly waiting for him to join our family.

Below, I put together some impressions of the baby shower. Take a look!


Et voilà! This is the Windeltorte or diaper cake we made 🙂 Really enjoyed preparing it!


And here we have the edible cake:


As I mentioned above, we had a lot of good food 🙂


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