Traveling around Turkey – destination #1: Akbük

seaside_sahtecennet_4Last week I started my 1-month-trip to Turkey and my first destination was Akbük. Just to give a short background to Akbük: it is placed in the Aegean region of Turkey near Didim and has roughly 4.000 permanent residents. Over summer, however, the number of people in Akbük rises up to 60.000 or even a bit more (no warranty for the accuracy of the figures). So obviously, Akbük is a holiday resort for many people. For me, it was too.

I stayed a whole week in Akbük and was flashed by so much nature – in a positive way 🙂 In addition, it seemed to me that more and more residences are being built over there. The one I stayed in was built 2 years ago – not far from the seaside; still, a car or moped is definitely needed.




My general impression was that there was not so much to see in Akbük and so I spent my week at the beach. The first beach was close to our residence. People came here to relax for a couple of hours. Most of them took their dogs with them.


This made me also wonder why so many people in Akbük have dogs. Well, we were told that since our residence is placed [not quite on the top, but] pretty much high on the mountains, there is a herd of pigs coming down at night, approaching the residences. The dogs actually chase them away.

Back to the beach topic – We were told that there is a beach which is quite popular in Akbük. The beach is called “Sahte Cennet”, of which the translation is “Fake Paradise”. I was so thankful that we have received this piece of information, since it was so much better than the beach near our residence. In the sea of “Sahte Cennet” you can walk up to 100 meters and the water still reaches your knees. So it is definitely a good place for families with little children 🙂







Another thing that I like about Turkish beaches is the fact that you can buy your “Simit” (bagel) or corn directly at the beach. One “simit” and corn per day was a “must-eat” for me 🙂 Finally, I got to taste the famous “Ayvalık Toast” – I’m sure it was full of calories, but at the same time it was really tasty – look at the ingredients: 2 pieces of bread, “sucuk”, salami, sausage, cheese, pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise.



ayvalik toast

2 thoughts on “Traveling around Turkey – destination #1: Akbük

  1. Hey my dear…looks awesome. Enjoy your time. Talking about your time in turkey is a really nice idea and kind of inspiration: I Like. And when I am going to visit turkey I will definitely stop in Akbük. But I will prefer the beach with the dogs as you can imagine 😉 With love from Germany

    • Hi honey, happy that you liked the post 🙂 I was thinking of you when I saw so many dogs 😉 I have to add that 2-3 days would be sufficient, since Akbük is pretty small 😉

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